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Product Image Mrs. White

Mrs. White


Mrs White is predominately matte white an assortment of rainbow colored matte glitters thrown in for fun. In the pictures above I used two coats on bare nails, then one coat of my Glitter Food topcoat and one coat of Seche. Even though I am showing it on its own, I would not recommend this as a full coverage glitter for anyone but the most tenacious polish lovers. I think it works best over a complimentary base color. However if you do tackle the two-coat challenge, make sure to let the first coat dry almost completely.

Nothing is offered for sale that hasn't been tested for at least a month, so you can be assured it will remain suspended and colorfast for a long time to come.

This shade is 3-free and cruelty free (tested only on myself) and comes in a full size (15ml/.50 fl oz) bottle, plus one very large stainless steel ball for mixing

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