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Product Image The Tin Man

The Tin Man


This "silver" flake topcoat is a mix of irrigularly shaped silver-colored flakes in clear. t does have a bit of texture once dried, but nothing I found wasn't smoothed with one coat of topcoat. Please also be aware that this is not real silver (I found that real silver tarnished/changed color when I tested it). It's made from a metal composite flake that doesn't contain any sterling.

Nothing is offered for sale that hasn't been tested for at least a month so you can be assured it will remain suspended and colorfast for a long time to come.

This shade is 3-free and cruelty free (tested only on myself) and comes in a full size (15ml/.50 fl oz) bottle, plus one very large stainless steel ball for mixing.

Photo courtesy of Gini at Sassy Paints:

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